There is an enormous amount of information on pancreatic cancer on the www and much of it is of variable quality. You should use the www for general information but do not believe everything you read.

CanSur recommends the following sites for their reputation, accuracy and understanding of modern medical practice but no on-line source can replace the advice of your own doctor. Never use a www site for primary medical advice of any kind.

Specialist Pancreatic Cancer Sites:

Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, USA
Pancreatic Cancer: Information, Inspiration & Community

This is a comprehensive site which is regularly updated. It has clear, detailed information on medical treatments and surgery options for pancreatic cancer. It also has an online discussion forum that provides an opportunity for patients and caregivers around the world to share information and support.


Pancreatica, USA
Confronting Pancreatic Cancer

This site is well organised and easy to navigate. It has excellent links to other sites with information on support and advocacy groups, drug information and medical dictionaries online.


The Cancer Council of Victoria, Australia

This site provides overview information on pancreatic cancer and has clear descriptions of treatment options. The search engine provides access to specific information on pancreatic cancer.



General Cancer Sites:

The Sydney Cancer Centre, Australia

The Sydney Cancer Centre has a comprehensive listing of Australian and International Cancer Institutions sites, Education and Consumer Information sites, and Health and Nutrition Information sites. This information is held in the links options.


Cancer Information Network, USA

This site provides well-presented information on the disease and detailed links.

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