Pancreatic Cancer

A message from Professor Ross Smith

The Cancer Surgery Research Foundation consists of a team of doctors and scientists in Sydney working to improve outcomes where surgery has an important role for the management of cancer.  We wish to improve life expectancy and quality of life for cancer sufferers with a focus on pancreatic cancer research.


Surgery is the only treatment which can provide a cure in pancreatic cancer.  However, only a few lucky patients are cured.  Although pancreatic cancer is very difficult to cure, surgery can reduce the impact of the disease and provide better control of jaundice and appetite.  Other medical and endoscopic procedures are also needed.  But this is still not good enough and because the rate of successful treatment has not improved significantly over the last twenty years, new research directions are urgently needed.  We are interested in exploring new knowledge that arises from the genome project in our search for better treatments. We would like to apply our knowledge to the management of liver,  oesophageal and gastric cancer which are the interests of our expanded Board.

CanSur also conducts research on the role of nutrition in successful cancer surgery and the potential for chemical treatments to supplement surgery.

At the present this site is designed for people who have cancer of the pancreas and their friends and family.  Other cancers will be included in the site if the information is useful.  It focuses on:

  • Information on the disease
  • Risk factors
  • Treatment options
  • New directions from research

Cancer is associated with many random mutations therefore treatment needs to be personalized.  We are developing laboratory methods to determine which treatments are best for individual patients.

The information on this site is no substitute for information supplied by a doctor but it is designed to answer many of your questions to give you much of the information patients need to understand their treatment options and appreciate the strategies doctors recommend.

Professor Ross Smith
Chairman of CanSur


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